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maildir / imap header caching for mutt

Status: stable, the imap part of mutt-hc is integrated in mutt CVS HEAD (mutt-1.5.7); maildir is integrated since the upcomming mutt-1.5.10.

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Please test the stuff and report any problems back to me! So that this patch doesn't get broken and outdated again.

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This patch is based on work done my Michael Elkins. I looked at the patch and tried to understand what he did. After that I started to code the stuff from scratch. Some things are recycled from his code. Also the places where the maildir header cache interferes are the same like in Michael Elkins original patch. But I am using a different (hopefully more performant) mechanism to save/restore the header information. Also I try to save all of the header (not only what I have to to get it working somehow). However, there are some exceptions to this: The next, parts and hdr pointer in the struct body (header->content) are not saved and not restored.

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color status patch: Get a colorized status bar in mutt

How to use it? What does it do?

The color status bar makes it possible to colorize the status bar in mutt. Currently only the index and the pager status bar is supported for colorization. Have a look at the screenshot.

# Set DEFAULT status color
color status    blue      white

# Highlight the regular expression
color status    brightred white (New|Del|Post|Inc|Flag):[0-9]+

# Match the expression, but Highlight only the S
color status    brightcyan white ^..(s)                                 1
color status    brightred  white ^..(S)                                 1

# If you want to escape a special char like '*', '(' or '[' you have to put
# *three* \\\ before it. :-)
color status    brightred white ^.(\\\*)                                1
color status    brightred white \\\((all|end|no\ mailbox)\\\)           1
color status    brightred white \\\(([0-9]+%)\\\)                       1

# Highlight [COMMIT] style indicators
color status    brightred white \\\[([A-Za-z0-9\ ]+)\\\]                1

# Highlight mailbox ordering in case it isn't set to the default
color status    brightred white \\\(([^)]+/[^)]+)\\\)                   1
color status    blue      white \\\((threads/date-received)\\\)         1

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